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Monday, 17 July 2017

Un Paseo Por El Sol

A walk in the sun, being a game set in Spain during the First Carlist War, using Black Powder Rules.
The Carlists had deployed along a hill, with its flank on a wood on the right and a farm on the left, ready to halt the advancing government troops, the aim of the Christino force was to push the Carlists back and clear the way for an attack on the Carlist enclave of Rawnsla.
Things started badly for the Christino troops, with failing orders and blunders, the Carlists however failed to capitalise on this and remained in their positions, when they too wanted to move, their troops were has keen to obey as their counterparts.
When the Christino attack finally got under way the Carlist forces fire was quite desultory only delaying the enemy advance and when the first unit came under heavy fire it duly ran away. This must have demoralised the remaining troops, the next three break tests all resulted in routs!
The Carlists Await Their Foe

The Carlist Left About To Be Engaged

The Carlist Centre Are Engaged

                 The Christino Advance On The Carlist Centre                         

British Auxiliary Legion Rifles And Lancers Hold The Right Flank

Christino Infantry Are Engaged By Carlist Skirmishers In The Woods

The Carlist Centre Will Soon Collapse

This Unit Took No Part In The Fight, Held In Square After Christino Horse Artillery Had Caused The Carlist Cavalry To Rout

The Carlist Left Hold The Christino Attack

The Carlist Centre Collapses Signalling A Resounding Defeat
A well deserved win by Dave after four defeats on the bounce, a most enjoyable game. Suitably inspired I later put an order in to Perry Miniatures for more figures.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Defending The Realm

Down in East Sussex celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary, doesn't deter the lure of the military though :-)

Some related photos.......
Senlac Hill, Battle- 11th Century
Martello Tower, Rye Harbour - 18th Century
World War Two Emplacement, Rye Harbour - 20th Century

Friday, 30 June 2017

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Prompted by Dave's earlier post, I thought that I would have a re-cap on the progress I have made thus far in 2017.
Spanish Civil War
Twenty eight figures and an armoured car painted.
First Carlist War
Nothing added this year.
The Great War
Eleven figures.
World War Two
Eleven figures.
Dark Ages
Eighteen figures.
Third Century Rome
Twenty figures.
Wars Of The Roses
A resurrected project, inspired by Kevin and Peter's fine display game at Carronade. I have painted three new figures and rebased and repainted the livery where necessary, see my last WotR post.

I have also painted four goats, a donkey and a bull, together with a hay cart. Scenery wise three enclosures and a stable yard.
Quite pleased with progress, ninety one figures in all, not bad I thought considering I pimp my brushes as well.
Below are some pics of the Wars of the Roses rebasing and my latest terrain piece, that is in progress, a cemetery.


Monday, 26 June 2017

Zero Hour

The bombardment Tommy gave us was devastating, two of my sections suffered very badly and refused to leave their shelters for a long time and when they did they were so shaken that their fire was quite ineffectual. We held on for as long as we could, but there was no way we would stop Tommy over running us, I trust that we gave our comrades the time they needed, we were helped by the fact that the bombardment also effected our enemy, slowing his advance over the shattered ground.  Therefore my remaining men were able to make a hasty retreat before being completely over run.

Leutnant Weiss
Rawnslie Les Bains Sector

Probably not the best of games I have devised, the terrain slowed up the allied advance a little too much, having said it did compensate for the effects of the pre-game bombardment, with out its slowing effects the game would have been a short one.
The game however did highlight why we had left the rules to one side, it reiterates my earlier thoughts that the game works and flows better with a dedicated umpire, having to check and look up rules, turn cards and keep track of what the Germans were doing was a little to much.
I think we both enjoyed the game but if it is just the two of us playing we will stick to using Bolt Action for future games.


Der Tommy Kommt - 1918

We have held Church Hill for a long time, due to circumstances in adjoining sectors we must give up this position over which much blood has been spilt in the last few years, we will leave with both relief and regret. However we must continue to hold until our comrades have taken up our new positions to the rear, intelligence says that an assault by Tommy is imminent, so it appears more blood will be spilt before we leave, so sad, when will it all end?

Leutnant Weiss
Rawnslie Les Bains Sector

For the action we will use a slightly modified Through The Blood And The Mud rules, my cards are marked up "Allied NCO and Allied Big Man 2" etc. this means that we can also use the card to activate a Big Man of our choosing rather than a specific one to give each player a little more control. However the Germans will start on blinds in the first turns until spotted or until the Big Man card with the relevant number equating to the number on the blinds is drawn, when the unit will dice for the effect of the Allied bombardment and then activate accordingly if applicable.
The Allies will deploy from three Deployment Points, these will be placed either six inches or twelve inches from the Allied base line dependant on an opposed dice roll and must be placed at least twelve inches apart. The Allies will not be on blinds but must be spotted as if they were.

Come back later to see how it all went or if you are on the FB Tabletop Wargames Network group check it out for some in action shots.


Monday, 12 June 2017

Viva La Republica!

Today International Brigade commander Biklic lead the troops to a victory over the rebel forces holding the village of Rawnsla. The battalion aided by a newly arrived T26 and an armoured truck manned by their comrades in the militia, caught the rebel forces napping in a dawn attack.
The much vaunted Legion were in total disarray and caused few casualties on the attackers, yes my luck with the dice on home turf continues to allude me.
Below are some pics of the action, which we fought out using Rapid Fire rules with the Rompan El Fuego amendments, well those I remembered to use anyway. A fine game which rattled along to reach a conclusion in three hours including a break for lunch.
The left flank advances behind the armoured truck

The arty farty shot.

The T26 sends La Legion packing

The centre advance.

Coming under heavy MG fire the remaining men in the company take cover behind the Tiznaos.

The myopic Rebel Pak37

The Rebel flank is turned.

The Dynamiteros ready themselves for the final assault.

The stables are taken.

The last Legion company prepare to die Viva La Muerte!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Tres Brigadas Internacionales Y

An earnest reporter.

Empress Miniatures with the free figure from Partizan last month.

Next up will be MMG teams for both sides, I have had these since Nigel first started the range, so it's about time they were painted, don't you think?

No game this week, Dave is away. Next up will be another SCW game, but this time we will be using Rapid Fire plus the Rompan El Fuego amendments.

Haste La Vista! 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Viva La Quince Brigada!

The Republican forces would deploy along and in front of a low ridge at the top end of the above pictures, the attacking Nationalists would deploy at the bottom of the picture. Their objective was to capture the Republican deployment point, which Dave, commanding the International Brigade troops had placed the other side of the ridge.
The Republic got off to a good start with their order dice coming out of the bag in quick succession, this hemmed in the Nationalists when they deployed, if they were in line of sight of the enemy they were limited to deploying in a six inch radius from their deployment points, it also enabled Dave to set up some deadly lines of fire.
The Nationalist attack got under way with the initial advance being either out of range or sight of the Republican troops, my attack was going to plan, a sound plan I thought but I was to make some serious tactical errors, by the end of turn three it was looking highly unlikely that I would achieve the objective, but we pressed on,  Bolt Action games can be quite unpredictable.
Dave chose an anti-tank gun has one of his support options, it did not do a great deal after its first firing, but it did immobilise the Nationalist Panzer I, so job done really, it was to seriously impact on the Nationalist plans.
Without the cover of the tank and effective fire support from the other squads the Legionaires had to run the gauntlet of Republican fire, the NCO casualty rate was particularly high, we played until midway of turn five, but there was no way that the Nationalists could achieve their aims, the Republicans had been able to transfer men to contest the deployment point should the highly unlikelihood of the Nationalists reaching it materialise.
I totally misused my mortar, anti-tank gun and LMG squads, giving the attackers on the flank far too little support, Dave meanwhile had set up deadly fields of fire, that I completely failed to neutralise.
A fine game none the less, using the Sharp Practice deployment points worked well I thought and as ever Bolt Action gave a splendid flow to the proceedings.

Hasta la Vista 

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Práctica Aguda 1937, The Prologue

Well sort of ;~) following last week's game at GHQ I was rather taken with the use of deployment points, akin to the jump off points in  Chain of Command, which I also like. I thought that I would incorporate them in our next game when using Bolt Action rules, indeed I have also used the Defence In Depth scenario from SP2. When an order dice is drawn the owner player can deploy a unit within 6" of its DP but must also be at least 12" away from any deployed enemy unit. The unit however cannot be given a move order and if given a fire order will count as moving.
Each side will dice for for the number of support points available as per the scenario, they will be spent on the support choices from CoC Espana support option lists.
A random event dice will be added to dice bag, when drawn a card will be drawn, from six drawn randomly from my stack of eighteen.

To be continued...............

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I Antiochensium Sagittariorum

The latest addition to my third century Roman forces, the archers are  A & A Miniatures and the command  are Aventine Miniatures with Green Stuff trousers and long sleeves added.
Two fine companies to deal with by the way.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rome V Goths

Pictures and brief narrative of our recent game using Kings Of War Historical rules.
 Initial moves, the Roman lanciarii can be seen routing in the distance, they took an instant dislike to the Goths shooting sharp pointy things at them.
 Goth cavalry attempt to turn the Roman flank
 They are countered by Roman Moorish Light Cavalry, who lived up to their sobriquet "Ferocious Moors"
 Roman Equites rout the first of the Goth cavalry
 Legionaries and Goth warriors clash in the centre, the Goths held initially.
 Both sides line up for the final clash.
 The rest of the Goth cavalry are routed
 Leaving the foot warriors at the mercy of Roman legionaries and auxillia
A Goth foot unit also breaks, spelling the end of the battle on the tenth turn of twelve

An enjoyable game but we both agreed that the Goths needed more numbers to stand a chance of winning,